4DMesh® & 4DDome®

4DMesh for laparoscopic repair of Inguinal Hernia, 4DDome for open repair of inguinal Hernia

These surgical products indicated for the parietal treatment and reinforcement of inguinal and femoral hernias. Also for repair and parietal reinforcement for umbilical, incisional and small ventral hernias and for the intraperitoneal implantation.

4DMESH and 4DDOME are now available in Australia.

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We offer three types of implants for abdominal wall strengthening.

  • Semi-resorbable parietal reinforcement implant 4DMesh
  • Semi-resorbable anterior tension free 4DDOME plug and patch
WARNING: These videos contains graphic footage of the surgical procedure which may be distressing to some viewers.
4DMesh is available in following sizes
4DMESHPRSR, small right 10,5 x 14 cm
4DMESHPRSL, small left 10,5 x 14 cm
4DMESHPRLR large right 12 x 15 cm
4DMESHPRLL large left 12 x 15 cm
4DMESHPRXR XTRA Large Right12 x 17 cm
4DMESHPRXL XTRA Large Left 12 x 17 cm

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4DDOME Composite mesh is available in the following sizes:
4DDOM24GSR 4DDOME®, 2.4 CM (small) + onlay mesh 13,5 x 6
4DDOM30GSR 4DDOME®, 3.0 CM (medium) + onlay mesh 13,5 x 6
4DDOM38GSR 4DDOME®, 3,8 CM (large) + onlay mesh 13,5 x 6