SEFFILLER® is designed for Doctors who want to perform regenerative therapy.

The use of Stem Cells in tissue repair is not new BUT a disposable kit that allows Doctors that are not surgically trained is.
Seffiller is revolutionary and it is available in Australia. The procedure is done under local anaesthetic under sterile conditions in an Aesthetic clinic and takes under 1 hour.

Doctors who run Aesthetic Clinics can contact:, if they are interested in being trained to perform this procedure.  If you are a patient and you have your favorite “Doctor Run” Aesthetic Clinic, ask them about Seffiller and if they have not heard of it yet, refer them to  Alliance Surgical Pty Ltd at the above email address.

We call this “all-in-one” kit.
An Affordable Compact Device.

SEFFILLER® is a disposable “all-in-one” kit for guided harvesting and autologous grafting of adipose tissue and stromal fraction (SVF) containing Adipose Derived Stem Cells (ADSCs).

SEFFILLER® does not require any equipment, other than the kit itself, for harvesting, preparation and grafting. The tissue obtained with SEFFILLER® needs no manipulation and is prepared in a closed sterile system. With SEFFILLER® the harvesting procedure is guided and hence simple, safe and standardized.

The cellular vascular clusters obtained with SEFFILLER® are made of adipocytes and stromal fraction (SVF) containing adipose derived mesenchymal stem cells (ADSCs): the grafting of this tissue is indicated for the regenerative therapy of tissues.

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Superficial enhanced fluid fat injection (SEFFI and MicroSEFFI)
SEFFI (Superficial Enhanced Fluid Fat Injection)


The latest Technology in Anti-Ageing – Now Available in Australia and New Zealand
SEFFILLER procedure

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SEFFILLER® Kit advantages


Special guide enables physicians without any particular surgery skill, to harvest the tissue in the correct plane, reducing the risk of injuries to muscles or deeper anatomical structures. Also the disposable kit reduces the risk of any kind of contamination.


The SEFFILLER® procedure is performed in a Medical Facility; it doesn’t require any device to aspirate or manipulate the tissue.​
The procedure is performed in local anesthesia and takes 25 minutes. After the treatment the Patient is discharged and can attend all kind of activities. In order to achieve the best regenerative effect, the SEFFILLER® therapy should be repeated every 4-6 months.


Physician is guided by this special device to harvest the tissue in the correct plane where a higher amount of ADSCs is to be found. Moreover the kit is “all-in-one” and provides the physician with all the required materials to harvest, prepare and inject the tissue.

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